Who Else Wants to Get Well, Get in Shape and Stay That Way Naturally, Without Useless or Dangerous Drugs and Unnecessary Surgery?

Alternative Health Care Methods are Growing in Popularity, and For Several Good Reasons:

Traditional Medical Care Doesn't Always work

Medical Mistakes Are a Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.

Natural Health Care is Almost Always Less Expensive

Serious Side Effects are Rare With Natural Remedies, but Common with Drugs

Natural Health Methods Are More Permanent, Because the Body Heals Itself, While Drugs Only Cover Symptoms

From: Dr. RJ Peters
Monday 8:10 PM

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Being healthy isn't about how many pills you take or how often you get a physical. It's about eating right, exercising properly, getting enough sleep, and utilizing natural methods when necessary to rebalance your system, or to restore normal functions.

Alternative Healing Choices is a brand new book about the advantages of using natural healing methods.

Whether you just want to be as healthy as possible without the risks associated with medical care, or are looking for information to help you decide on a natural healing career, this book will help you make some choices, and how to locate more resources for further help.

My background as a chiropractor for 25 years has equipped me to recognize and handle most health problems utilizing natural means to restore and maintain health.

Get well naturally.
Get in shape naturally, too.
Only natural methods will maintain your health. There is nothing medical that can do so.
Get information on natural healing careers.

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Health is not the absence of symptoms. Disease can only be cured by your body...not some mysterious chemicals or procedures.

Learn what's available and find out what applies in your situation by reading this book.

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The Nature of Essential OilsValue $17

A history and description of the oils used in aromatherapy...how they are processed, and how they are best used.

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Health Food For Healthy LifeValue $12

The basics of a healthy diet for you and your family.

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Low Fat Way to HealthValue $27

Learn the value of a low fat diet, and how to do it safely and enjoyably. Lots of recipes included.

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